The Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL)

NAAL is the national NGO umbrella for adult learning in Norway. Our members are 15 governmentally approved adult learning associations with a member network of +450 nationwide adult learning NGOs.

NAAL has a central administration in Oslo, and has autonomous regional offices covering all 19 counties of Norway.

Our members' activities in 2013: Approximately 40 000 courses with 500 000 participants.

The purpose of NAAL is to:

  • Advocate the common interests of the associations and their participants towards the Government, the Parliament and the Ministry of Education
  • Promote non-formal adult learning in the society in general
  • Counsel members and other third parties concerning laws and regulations
  • Advice within the field of Adult learning theory and practice
  • Counsel within the Educational planning
  • Project coordination
  • Advocacy and lobbying

The multitude
The adult learning associations represent a multitude of interests and ideologies. The largest associations offer a broad range of themes on several levels, with or without formal exams and parallel programs in the public school system. Other associations emphasise more voluntary adult learning activities, organisational training of members, learning for the development of the local community and sustainable development. Others emphasise political training, culture and creative, aesthetical and practical topics.

Humanistic adult learning
A common denominator of the adult learning organised by the NGOs, is a profile of equality and equal opportunities, a humanistic adult learning theory and practice, a belief in every person's development potential

Government support
As a result of the Norwegian Adult Education Act of 1976, the adult learning organised by the member associations of NAAL receive, through a legal system of criterias, grants from the Government, most of the counties and many municipalities. The Governmental grants for 2014 is 196 371 000 NOK.

In 2009 a new Adult Education Act was created, and it was active from 01.01.2010. The new Act is expected to change the criteria for grants slightly, but is not expected to change the level of grants particularly.

Adult Learners' Week
NAAL is the Norwegian coordinator of Adult Learners' Week. Throughout the country, local governments and all partners involved in adult learning use the Adult Learners' Week to inform about the wide range of available possibilities. It contains a mulitude of conferences, stands, open classrooms etc.

The object of the international Adult Learners' Week, initiated by the UNESCO Adult Education Conference, CONFINTEA in 1997, is to give adult learners stronger rights, motivation and opportunities of learning, by broadly advertising and demonstrating the wide range of activities, methods and organisations and institutions available to them.

Nordic Network for Adult Learning - NVL
NVL is a Nordic meeting place (physical and virtual) for actors involved in adult learning; an information bank, disseminating results from cooperation projects, creating debate and innovation; profiling the Nordic competence and values in adult learning;producing added Nordic value through information activities, development projects and networks; formulating new policy suggestions in adult learning based on experience and tested in practice through diverse networks and cooperation projects. NVL is a Nordic netwo
rk, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers, which aims at cooperation and dialogue with the Baltic countries, Northwest Russia and the rest of Europe. NAAL has coordinated the Norwegian activities during the period 2005 – 2008, and will do so also in the current period 2013 – 2016.

International Adult Learning cooperation
The NAAL is also member of a Nordic network of Adult Education umbrella organisations, member of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA - ), member of the Executive Commitee and the Finance Committee of the International Council for Adult Education ICAE Different cooperation activities take place within this network, in close Kontakt with the European Union and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - 

Kontakt information

Voksenopplæringsforbundet (VOFO) /The Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL)

Postal address: P.O. Box 9339 Grønland, 0135 Oslo
Office address: Motzfeldtsgt. 1, 0187 Oslo
Phone: (47) 22 41 00 00
(47) 22 41 00 01


How to get there

NAAL is located in the centre of Oslo in an area called Grønland (
map). You can get here on foot from Oslo Central Station ("Oslo S") where the airport express train stops (about 10 min.) or from the main bus terminal "Bussterminalen Grønland" (about 5 min).

Using public transportation you can take any subway line to "Grønland". From the subway station located under Oslo Central Station, you go one stop on an east bound line. Tickets must be purchased on the station in a kiosk or a vending machine.

You can also use bus 60 or 37 where the stops are located a couple of minutes from NAAL.
"60 Vippetangen-Tonsenhagen o/Kampen": get off at
the main bus terminal "Bussterminalen Grønland".
"37 Nydalen-Helsfyr" get off at "Tøyengata" or "Bussterminalen Grønland".

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